Epilepsy: Exploring INFORMATION / KNOWLEDGE / EMPOWERMENT MODULE 1: Epilepsy 101 15 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers What kind of seizures do I have? You may already know the answer to this question. If not, you can discuss this with your doctor. Will I have seizures for the rest of my life? For some people with epilepsy, it is a childhood disorder that goes into remission (the seizures go away). For other people with epilepsy, it is a lifelong condition.1 Will I have to take medications for the rest of my life? This will depend on how your seizures change during your life and how well the medications you are taking control your seizures.2 We will talk more about your specific medications during subsequent visits. Can the type of seizures I have change? The type of seizures, how often you have seizures, and how severe the seizures are may change over time.1 Do seizures cause brain damage? Some people with epilepsy may have changes in their brain caused by seizures that lead to problems. For example, some people may have trouble thinking, focusing, or solving problems. Some people have memory changes or have learning problems because of their epilepsy.1