MODULE 2: Epilepsy Medication Therapy 13 Remember that you are the most important member of your healthcare team. You need to feel comfortable asking questions. You can call anytime to ask questions. Or, take a list of questions with you when you go to an appointment.6 Don’t be afraid to tell your doctor, or another healthcare provider, if you have questions about your AED medications. Ask members of your healthcare team any questions you have about AED medications.6 There is no bad question. Talking to Your Healthcare Team About Medications Good communication between you and your healthcare team is important. Your family and friends can talk to your healthcare team, too. You might want to have someone go with you when you have a healthcare appointment. This person could help remember your questions, or take notes while you talk to your doctor.14 Or, if your doctor permits it, you could record the discussion if you can’t take someone with you. Too Many Pills? You might feel like you have to take too many pills each day. If you feel this way, ask if there is any way to decrease the number of pills you take.2