MODULE 2: Epilepsy Medication Therapy 18 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers How long will I have to take AEDs? This depends on a few things, such as1 : How do I know if my AED is working? Keep a seizure diary to record how often your seizures are happening. If you are having fewer seizures than when you started taking your AED, your AED is probably working.1 What if I have side effects? Keep track of your side effects. They may go away the longer you take your AED.2 If your side effects are bothering you or stopping you from taking the AED, talk to your doctor about whether other AEDs might be right for you. Your doctor might change the dose to find out if the side effects go away.2 What if I feel like I am taking too many pills? Talk to your doctor. Your doctor may be able to adjust your AED or find a way for you to take fewer pills and still control your seizures.3 Type of epilepsy1 Type of seizure1 How long since you’ve had your last seizure1 Age1 References 1. Perucca E, Tomson T. The pharmacological treatment of epilepsy in adults. Lancet Neurol. 2011;10(5):446–456. 2. Epilepsy Foundation. Side Effects. epilepsy/seizure-and- epilepsy-medicines/side-effects. March 2014. 3. Brown C. Pharmacological management of epilepsy. Prog Neurol Psychiatry. 2016;March/April:27–34c.