MODULE 3: Epilepsy Support and Non-medication Management 4 Build Your Epilepsy IQ: Common Epilepsy Terms Building your epilepsy IQ means learning about all the ways that epilepsy affects your life. Epilepsy affects each person differently.3 What is most important about how epilepsy affects your life? Think about what is most important to you as you develop self-management tools to help manage your seizures.6,9 The goal of epilepsy self-management is to live the best life possible while managing the disease.6,9 Learning more about common epilepsy terms can help you build your epilepsy IQ and self-management skills. Seizure Triggers Seizure triggers are specific things that may cause your seizures. Triggers are different for each person with epilepsy.10 If you know what your seizure triggers are, then you can try to avoid them.11 A seizure trigger is something that happens regularly before seizures. Here are some common seizure triggers10,11 : You may already know what your seizure triggers are. If so, you might want to share this information with your family, friends, coworkers, and healthcare professionals so they can help you avoid your triggers.