MODULE 3: Epilepsy Support and Non-medication Management 14 Living With Epilepsy – Quality of Life Impact of Epilepsy on Quality of Life Epilepsy is about more than having seizures. Living with epilepsy can affect your quality of life. Quality of life is your sense of well-being that comes from how satisfied you are with your roles, activities, goals, and opportunities in life.6 Here are some specific ways that your quality of life may be affected if your seizures are not controlled: • Your ability to work3 • Your ability to drive3 • How productive you are at work, home, or school6 • Your ability to live independently3 • How you function in family, social, and romantic relationships6 • Feeling embarrassed about having a seizure in public3 • Feeling depressed or anxious3 People with epilepsy who are seizure free have about the same quality of life as people without epilepsy.3