MODULE 3: Epilepsy Support and Non-medication Management 15 Who to Contact for Help With Quality-of-Life Issues Part of epilepsy self-management is learning how to improve your quality of life. In addition to your healthcare team, there are other people in your community who can help you navigate this journey.6 Community Services6 • State and local Epilepsy Foundation affiliates • Local nonprofit organizations that help patients with chronic conditions • Social workers Housing6 • Social service organizations • Nonprofit organizations,including faith-based organizations • Government agencies Social Support6 • Psychologists, social workers, or other behavioral specialists • State and local Epilepsy Foundation affiliates • Faith-based organizations Education6 • Individualized education programs • Cognitive testing and educational assistance Employment6 • The human resources department where you work • Vocational training programs • Government agencies Transportation6 • Local department of motor vehicles • Local transportation agencies • Social service organizations • Government agencies