MODULE 3: Epilepsy Support and Non-medication Management 26 Online Support Groups Here are some recommended, well-known online communities for people with epilepsy: Epilepsy Foundation ( • Community Forums within the Epilepsy Foundation are online discussion groups for specific topics, such as medication issues, women with epilepsy, or epilepsy and college ( • Chat Room is a way you can share experiences, questions, or concerns about epilepsy and seizures ( Patients Like Me (Epilepsy Community) ( • You can see what epilepsy medications other people have tried, how well the medications work for them, and what side effects people have • You can see what other problems (symptoms) people have, like feeling tired or having trouble sleeping WebEase ( • Ease stands for “Epilepsy Awareness, Support, and Education” • Free online self-management program for people with epilepsy • Has 3 modules (medication management, stress management, sleep management) you can use to set goals and create a personal plan to get better control over your epilepsy Living Well With Epilepsy ( • An online community created by a woman with epilepsy • Share stories about epilepsy with other people like you • Learn more about how to live well with epilepsy