MODULE 3: Epilepsy Support and Non-medication Management 28 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Where Can I Find Out More Information About Epilepsy? There are many websites for epilepsy information. • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( • Epilepsy Action ( • Epilepsy Foundation ( • National Association of Epilepsy Centers ( If you go to the Epilepsy Foundation website, you can search for local support groups in your area. Where Can I Find Support From Other People with Epilepsy? You may be able to find a local Epilepsy Foundation support group. There are also many online support groups for people with epilepsy. Here are some trustworthy online communities: • The Epilepsy Foundation has online community forum ( topics)5 and also a chat room ( • Patients Like Me (Epilepsy Community) ( • WebEase ( • Living Well With Epilepsy ( • My Epilepsy Team (