MODULE 3: Epilepsy Support and Non-medication Management 39 Seizure Action Plan for Teens What Is a Seizure Action Plan? A Seizure Action Plan is a form that tells other people how to help after you have a seizure. Your Seizure Action Plan will tell people what to do when you have a seizure, who to call, your doctor’s name, your medications, when to call 911, and lots of other information.1 Why Should I Use a Seizure Action Plan? A Seizure Action Plan will allow your family, friends, and people at school to help you after you have a seizure by following steps you’ve created.1 How Do I Use a Seizure Action Plan? • Work with your parent or guardian to fill out as much information as you can in the Seizure Action Plan form1 • Work with your healthcare provider who helps manage your epilepsy to fill out any information that you or your parent or guardian don’t know. For example, you might need your healthcare provider’s help with the following sections1 : o When Seizures Require Additional Help o As-needed Treatments o Special Instructions • Your parent or guardian and your healthcare provider should both sign and date the Seizure Action Plan at the bottom of the form after the plan is completed • Review your Seizure Action Plan with your healthcare team and family, friends, and school personnel at least once a year (or more often if your seizures or your treatment changes)1