Staying Safe at Home

Have you prepared for a seizure emergency in your home? Select an item or area in the home below to view a helpful tip about staying safe.

Be sure to take note of these tips so you can make your home more safe.

Staying Safe at Work

Have you prepared for a seizure emergency in your workplace? Here are some ideas about safety in the workplace:

  • Make sure that coworkers know you have epilepsy and know what to do if you have a seizure
  • Avoid work that involves heights, being over water, using heavy machinery, or being exposed to extreme heat or fire
  • Try to keep regular work hours and a regular sleep schedule to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Use safety guards and other automatic shutoffs if working with machinery or power tools

Preparing Others for Seizure Emergencies

Here are steps to go through when preparing others for seizure emergencies:
  • 1
    Create a Seizure Action Plan in case anyone needs to help you when you have a seizure.
    You can download a handy Seizure Action Plan.
  • 2 Make a list of people who need to know about your seizures. This includes family, friends, and coworkers.
  • 3 Make sure these people know you have a plan and what to do if you have a seizure. The plan will help them help you, by giving them a list of who to call, your doctor’s name, your medications, and lots of other information.
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Everyone prepared for seizures?

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