Explore resources that can help you or your loved one understand epilepsy, manage life with epilepsy, and know where to turn for support. You can take these resources to your care team visits to start conversations!

Making the Most of Your Doctor Visits

Check out some questions you might want to ask your doctor about epilepsy.

Getting the Most Out of Your Epilepsy Treatment

Here are some things you can do to take control of your epilepsy.

Members of Your Care Team

Your guide to who does what in your care team.

Epilepsy Educational Resources and Support Groups

Explore a list of online resources and support groups for epilepsy.

Who to Contact for Quality-of-Life Issues

Explore places in your community that can help you get the most out of life.

Don’t know what a word means? Use these mini epilepsy dictionaries to make things clearer!

Healthcare Lingo: Epilepsy 101

Learn definitions of words used in Epilepsy 101.

Healthcare Lingo: Treating Your Epilepsy

Learn definitions of words used in Treating Your Epilepsy.

Healthcare Lingo: Living With Epilepsy

Learn definitions of words used in Living With Epilepsy.

Tools to Help Manage Your Epilepsy

Medisafe App

Enjoy personalized medication reminders and more.

Seizure Tracking App

Keep track of when your seizures happen.

Seizure Diary

Use this diary to keep track of when and how often you have seizures.

Seizure Action Plan

Make sure you and others are prepared with a plan for when seizures happen.