Members of Your Support Community

Building your community of support can be an important way to stay positive and feel confident throughout the day.

Click on the members of your community below to find out how they can support you:

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Remember all the ways other people with epilepsy can relate to you. Reaching out to the community and getting involved can make you feel like you’re not alone.

Tracking seizures




Talking to doctor


Taking AEDs


Other people with epilepsy

Online Support Groups and Social Media

Online support groups might also be called online communities. Here are some recommended, well-known, online communities for people with epilepsy:

Epilepsy Foundation

  • Discover community forums where you can talk to other people with epilepsy about specific topics
  • One of the most trusted sources of epilepsy education on the web
  • Lots of epilepsy content to explore about all kinds of topics

Living Well With Epilepsy

  • An online community created by a woman with epilepsy
  • You can share stories about epilepsy with other people like you
  • Offers tips on how to live well with epilepsy
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Patients Like Me

  • See what epilepsy medications other people have tried, how well the medications work for them, and what side effects people have
  • Discover what other symptoms people have

My Epilepsy Team

  • A social media platform and online support group for people living with epilepsy. It’s like Facebook for people with epilepsy!

Reddit for Epilepsy

  • An online community forum where people with epilepsy share their experiences and connect with others

In-person Support Groups

Researching the Epilepsy Foundation and Epilepsy Alliance is a good way to find support groups that give you a chance to meet other people with epilepsy. There might be different types of groups you can join in your local community, such as:

  • Support groups for families
  • Support groups for older teenagers
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You might want to join both online and local support groups. It may take some time to try different support groups to see which type works best for you.