Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

Drug-resistant epilepsy means that you continue to have seizures even after trying 2 different types of anti-seizure medications alone, or after trying 2 different combinations of anti-seizure medications.

Epilepsy medications may not work in 3 out of 10 people with epilepsy.

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Your doctor thinks about many different things when choosing medications to treat your epilepsy. You may face some challenges as you and your healthcare team work together to find the right medications and dosage schedule for you. Some possible challenges include:

How well your medication
is working to reduce your seizures
Starting a new medication or
changing the dose
Having side effects from medication
How well you tolerate the side effects of your antiseizure medications (ASMs)

Remember to:

Take your epilepsy medication regularly and as directed
Continue to take your epilepsy medication for as long as your doctor recommends
Epilepsy medications work best if they are taken regularly as prescribed by your doctor.