Epilepsy in Babies

Learn the signs, symptoms, and causes of seizures in babies

Caring for Children with Epilepsy

Learn the ins and outs of caring for children with epilepsy

Epilepsy in Children: Taking Medication

Practice these medication habits to keep children on track

Sticking to your plan

Epilepsy in Babies: Caregiver Tips

Basic needs for your baby with epilepsy

Seizure Signs and Triggers in Children

Learn how to see the signs and triggers of seizures in children

Educating Others About Child Epilepsy Care

Can’t give care 24/7? There’s some help for that

Epilepsy in Children: Staying Safe

Be prepared with safety tips for when children have seizures

Your Role as a Caregiver

How to make the best of the patient-caregiver relationship

Taking Care of Yourself

Because caregivers need care too

Moving From Teen to Adult Care

Get tips for your teen moving on from childhood

Use this journal to track your seizures and talk to your doctor about them