Making Sure Your Child is Taken Care of by Others

When your child with epilepsy is out of your care, it is really important to make sure others know what to do if they have a seizure.

At School

Here are some things to keep in mind when talking to your child’s teacher about care:

  • Go over your child’s Seizure Action Plan so they know what to do if a seizure happens at school
  • Let them know of any specific safety tips you think would be useful
  • Ask if there is anyone else you should talk to at the school about epilepsy

It’s a good idea to tell all adults who are watching your child at school what to do if a seizure happens (bus drivers, other teachers, lunchroom workers, etc.)

With Other Family or Friends

Brothers, step siblings, grandmas, babysitters—everyone should understand what epilepsy is and what to do in case of a seizure. When you know that people understand epilepsy and your child’s needs, you can feel more confident about their care when you are not around.

Share these educational articles with them so they are prepared!

Your Child’s Medication Routine

Children like to do stuff, and yours is no different. If your child takes a trip with family or friends or goes away to camp, make sure they know their medication routine. Here are some tips to help:

  • Work with your child to organize a pillbox and teach them how to use it
  • Make sure extra doses are sent with your child if they're going to be away for more than a day
  • Ask your pharmacy to give you the pills in a blister pack or bubble pack, such packaging can help your child remember when last dose was taken but do make sure it is exactly the same medicine that you receive